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Swinging Couples

Meet granny swingers for group sex and sleep with married women and men

It might actually shock you to know that over 20% of the women that sign up to our dating site are married. They are swingers looking for other swinging couples to get involved. Now, this might shock a lot of men. But have no fear, there are a huge amount of single ladies wanting sex too. And the couples are usually very clear that there are two of them. I know a lot of men have a fear that they will turn up for a one-on-one session and a man might be waiting to get involved. Well don’t worry, we have made it very clear which women are part of a swinging couple.

The swinging section of is huge!

If this is something that does really appeal to you, simply sign up for free and filter the result down to swingers. Then the only profiles you will see will be swinging profiles. Now you can scan through and find a couple that you would like to meet up with.

  • A single woman or man would like to meet up with a couple •
  • Two couples would like to meet up 
  • Four different members of different marriages want to meet up to have orgies with a group of different people

All of the above does tend to constitute as swinging. The most common, just being two couples that like to meet up. Normally the men swap partners but if the men are both a bit experimental, you can sometimes have more of an orgy-type situation on your hands. (But the people who are looking for orgies do tend to just list that they are looking for orgies, rather than swinging.) Either way, we have lots of couples signed up, so if you’re looking to swing, you’re in the right place.

Group Sex Couples Parties

Good old fashion swinging parties’ still take place. These days you don’t have to be in a couple to attend a sex party, you could just turn up, but lots of people like to visit these events with a wife or husband. A lot of men have a real fantasy of having sex with someone’s wife, (while they are in the next room fucking their wife). Even more, men love to just watch another man fucking their wife. I think this comes down to a jealousy thing really. I think after being married for years, the spark can begin to go from any marriage. The men can begin to think, even if someone did fuck my wife, I probably wouldn’t care that much.

This obviously isn’t a nice feeling but when they actually watch another man fucking their wife it can cause feelings of jealousy to flood back in, this can really turn a lot of men on. Another reason may be because it puts their wives into a bit of a "porno" situation. This can also be highly erotic.

Swinging helps the sex lives of married couples

A lot of swingers say that their marriage was stuck in a rut before they started swinging. Neither of them felt overly sexual any more. Perhaps they would both like to go off and have sex with other people but they didn’t really want to break up or cheat on their partner. This is where swinging is brilliant.

You can have sex with other people in the same house, together and at the end of the night, you can both go home together. It means you don’t have to sneak around, you can both arrive at an event ready to have sex with other people and leave together when you have finished. This new activity has actually saved hundreds of marriages all over Australia.

Sign up is totally free and you and your partner can share the same sign in details so you can both browse in your free time. Also if you have mobile devices one of you can be browsing on the computer while the other browsers on iPad or iPhone, so you can find the right couple for you at a faster speed.

What are you waiting for? Have a browse, you have nothing to lose.

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