Would you rather fuck Joan Sutherland when she was Young or Old?

Older or younger?
Older or younger?

Joan Sutherland was one of Australia’s most famous Opera singers. She has sung with singers such as Pavarotti and even performed to the Russian Tsar and the King of Switzerland. However, here at grannydating.com.au, we mainly saw her as a sex icon. The question is did you find her more fuckable when she was younger or when she got slightly older?

Need a little bit of time to jog your memory, check out these two videos of Joan

Click here to see her when she was younger

Click here to see her when she was a sexy cougar

We have asked a cross section of our database which one they would prefer. If you are not a member and would like to get involved, contact us through our twitter or facebook account. We might very well publish your thoughts on our blog. If we do we will also give you a years free membership to our erotic mature dating site.

With a lot of men, they would of found Joan Sutherland sexy when she was younger and as they grew older at the same time as Joan, simply continued to find her looks a turn on, but for many other men, they will simply preferred to give Joan a good rooting as she started to get a little more wrinkly.

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