Why is it important to give a real email address?

I just wanted to write a quick blog to explain why it is best for you to enter a real email Real emailaddress when signing up to the site.

Before I do, let me explain some of the top reasons why people might be tempted to put fake email address’s in.

  1. Because you don’t want the site to be linked back to you in any way.
  2. Because its quicker
  3. You are not who you say you are.
  4. You don’t want junk mail.

Now let address those points in turn and say why each of these points are bad reasons to enter a fake email.

Because you don’t want the site to be linked back to you in any way.

Genuin Aussie memberAll we ask for on this site is a real email. We do not ask for any other information such as credit card details or address. Your email address is not stored and definitely not shared with any other users. If you wanted to sign up for a browse and then delete you account, we will no longer have your email address and will never contact you again. So there really is no fear anyone being able to find out you had signed up to this website. Once you cancel your account there will be no trace you ever signed up.

Because it’s quicker

We have gone to huge lengths to make the sign up process as fast as possible , with only three steps, you only have to write in two boxes throughout the entire sign up process. That is your password and your email. If you really don’t like having to write out your email you can set your browser to automatically fill in your email.

Also sometimes it can be harder to find a good fake email address as our sign up process can detect email addresses that don’t exist. It might actually be quicker to put your real one in!

You are not who you say you are.

The other reason people put a fake email in is because they are pretending to be someone else. But the problem here is that we pride ourselves on having REAL members in our system that are actually looking for granny rooting. This is why we have such a high number of men and women meeting up for sex. We don’t actually want people on our site who are not who they say they are, this would dilute our database with fake members. SO if this is the reason you are doing it we would rather you not sign up at all.

Junk mail.

You will only get an email if another user has messaged you. Then you will get an alert to say they have. We can also message you if we have deals on, but you can turn both these settings off, if you don’t want additional mail coming to your account.

Now that I have addressed these three reasons I would like to explain in further detail why it is important to use your real email.

The number one reason we want you to use a real email is so that we can contact you if someone is interested in meeting up. Ultimately you are on this site if you are interested in meeting up with someone for sex. But what if you set up a profile and someone likes the look of you and they send you a message? What happens if this person is the type of person you would like to have sex with? You may never get to meet this person if you put in a fake email address? What happens if another six people like this have the same problem. That could be quite a lot of sex you would be missing out on just because you put a fake email in.

As I have said before, our main goal is to get you more sex. We know you don’t want to spend all day on our site. But we also know if someone messages you looking for mature sex, then you are going to want to write back pretty fast. Email alerts are the best way to let you know that someone has messaged you while your offline.

Quick tip.

Perhaps your still not convinced. Well why not set up a spare gmail account. Which you could use to sign up to erotic dating sites. That way you are still using a real email address but just not one you use day to day. One you could have just for all your dirty messages.