What to wear when Mature dating

woman going Mature dating
Ready for a mature date

So you’ve struck gold and found yourself a smooth date, your next challenge is what to wear…

As we grow older we become more confident in the skin we are in, however when it comes to clothing inspiration for dates the options just don’t tend to fill us with excitement. Shops on the high-street seem cater to the young teens; no one past the age of 30 can pull off a crop top, let alone us 50somethings.

So we’ve strung some ideas together to help you find that perfect outfit in your wardrobe by simply jazzing it up with a few accessories.

*Always chose something you are comfortable in, no one wants to feel uncomfortable during a date and if you are worried how you look it will show.

*Depending on your date, heels should be worn even if a low heel. It will help your posture as well as add a little extra height. However if there is to be a lot of walking during your date, opt for a smart flat.

lingerie for a date
Mature granny knickers

*Throw a modern jacket on top of your outfit; if you are daring enough and own a leather jacket, wear it. It would look great with dresses or trousers as it will create a modern edgy look.

*Add some colour to your outfit, if you prefer wearing black then add a bright bag or shoe to help modernise your look. Or if you are a colour wearer, embrace it as it will help show off your personality.

*Keep make-up to the minimum. Eyes are the window to your soul so keep them defined, add a little colour to cheeks and lips but don’t go heavy on the eyelids! Too much make up can date your face so keep it simple and natural.

*Wear the jewellery that makes you feel special, whether it be costume jewellery, delicate jewellery or even chunky it’s a simple way to spruce up a otherwise plain outfit. Items that have some history would be a great talking/bonding point to reminisce over how the good old days used to be.

*If it’s within your budget and you haven’t brought a new outfit, get your hair done. We all know that a bit of pampering can make us feel like a movie start, so to help your confidence shine through, treat yourself to a new hair style or a simple but effective blow dry.