Never to old to hold somebody- Elton John endorses older heterosexual companionships

One of Elton John’s latest songs entitled ‘Never to old to hold somebody’has proved to strike a chord with the internet daters in the older market. His song can be listened to here:

Elton John with older woman

Elton John says this record was one of the best songs he’s ever written as it can be applied to his life. Raunchy, sexy antics and not just for people in their 20s- far from it, and if anyone is not too scared to scream this fact from the rooftops- its Elton John.

Don’t you know? You are never to old to hold somebody, Don’t you know? Elton John wails. And quite true too, why should companionships and making love be restricted just for the young? The sentiment of this song in particular is that if you feel so lonely, well actually you tough enough to change things around and date an older lady. Older ladies with that certain bit of spice and sauciness are flocking to these dating sites as they know themselves they are never too old to hold somebody.

Leon Russell, a straight man, the co-writer of this song has found love in later years, and he particular has always had fascination with the older lady. He was once caught in a broom cupboard with someone who the British tabloids said was old enough to be his grandmother? Leon said, age is something of no concern to me. I like what i like, and i like what i know- and I am never to old to hold somebody.