How to Date A Granny

Do you find yourself attracted to older women? Perhaps you would like to have sex with a mature lady or maybe you just want to date a granny? Well allow us to help you.

Your options

I always like to look at this from a bigger scale. These days you can either meet people offline or online. Lets look at these in more detail.Granny looking for date
Offline Dating

I like to think there are two ways to get sexual with a lady. You may already know someone as a friend or from work, in which case you can date them, or you have to meet someone from scratch.

If you already know them and you have romantic feelings for them and they feel the same back, things usually have a way of falling into place. However things don’t always go as smoothly. The problem is, if something hasn’t happened already you might be past the point of taking things to a sexual/ romantic level. You see, I have always believed that women and men can never really be friends. You can be acquaintances, but you not going to have a great friendship without one of you developing feelings. At this point, unless the feelings are mutual, this can cause problems.

I am sure we have all been in that predicament where you like someone and they don’t like you back. What happens then? Unfortunately it usually leads to frustration and a break down of the friendship.

Often, the worse situation to be in is if someone likes you more than you like them. Look at it from this point of view. Say you have a great friendship with a lady. You like hanging around them, you get on great, then all of a sudden they try it on with you and you have never really looked at them “in that way”. Now you are in a real predicament. Because this person is your friend, you don’t want to hurt their feelings. So what do you do? String them on and pretend you like them? This isn’t going to help. Alternatively you tell them that you don’t like them in the same way but as we all know this isn’t going to help either. Your friend could be really hurt and could decide that they don’t want to continue the relationship.
So from that angle, getting sexual with someone you already know might be tricky. This is why a lot of people shy away from it. The other option is to meet someone new. Offline, this can be quite a tricky thing as well, after all, when was the last time you made a new friend? Let alone a sexual partner.

Meeting new people offline

Well you could joint clubs or groups that interest you, from reading club, to tennis club. Perhaps you might be able to meet some attractive grannies and then eventually date a granny. But again this comes with a whole host of issues. Like meeting new women, getting to know them, building up the courage to ask them out. This could take months or even years. However, it definitely can be done. After all the statistics show that 7/10 people meet their partner off line.

Dating grannies online.

This, however brings us to a much more interesting statistic. These days 3/10 people meet their partner online and over half of us have tried online dating. This is huge! 30% of todays population in the uk have met their partner online. Even then, it is not an easy option. Which site to choose out of the huge array of dating sites available at the moment.

You might just be looking for a long term relationship in which case you might want to go with eharmoney or match. However, lots of people have recently come out of a long-term relationship, or perhaps just feel a bit lonely and crave sexual attention. At this point you want to be looking at much more erotic mature sites. This is where we can help. Have a look at today and see if any of the horny women on the site tickle your fancy. We will continue to explore the world of dating in next weeks article.