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Fuck a granny with any of these 5 sex positions and she'll be gagging for more

If you are looking to fuck a granny with our online adult sex service than you'll probably want to know which positions drive our mature members wild? Well thankfully for you we have put together a list of our top 5 hottest sex positions. These are in no way an order of best to worse, they are just five positions that really get our grannies going wild. So if you want to enjoy a deep, passionate connection and have all the pleasure to boot, get a pencil and pad and learn what we are about to teach you. Once you use any of these positions on her, she'll be gagging to come back for more!

Position 1: Speed Bump

The speed bump sex position is perfect for making a granny orgasm quickly!

As the name suggests this position is great for speed. It's fast and passionate and the angle you can work will really allow you to drill deep into her from behind. To get into this position you'll want to grab some cushions and place them under your older partners belly and pelvic area. Then lie on top, with your legs split either side of the mature beneath you.

Make her open her legs so you can place your hard shaft right deep inside her moist aged pussy, then just pump away like a human shotgun. This one can get a bit sweaty because your so close to each other. If you don't like the idea of working up a sweat, it's probably not for you.

We rate this position 3/5 for difficulty but 4/5 for fun.

Position 2: The Spider

If you are a fan of lazy sex that will get you off then this is great to try

This position is great if you are a fan of long, slow prolonged build-ups that really work both you and your companion into a fit of complete orgasmic ecstasy. The spider is great for a senior lady as she has the chance to just lay on her back and allow you to work your prick deep inside her matured gash. This is a bit of an awkward position to get into and might take a few attempts.

Start by wrapping your legs around the old slag in front of you, and getting her to put her legs inside of yours. Insert yourself in and then both lean back, making sure to grab each other's knees for support, this also works well if you don't consider yourself well endowed, as you can force pressure on her legs pulling them forward to cover more of your cock. The downside here is that it's quite a frustrating position to get right, so you might have to endure a few attempts until you get it right. Not for those who are bored easily.

We rate the spider 5/5 for difficulty and 4/5 for fun.

Position 3: Sexy Spoons

A great sex position from behind to get your older woman to orgasm!

This is another great position for couples who are fans of slow, intimate sex. Might not be a great position to try on the first encounter, as it's more for experienced couples who are familiar with each other's bodies. Not just a quickie from a member who you only messaged the night before after a few pints. Even still, it's definitely worth remembering for any mature f-buddies you are seeing.

Get her on the bed, or at least somewhere semi-comfortable, as this one involves both of you lying down. Once you are in the spoon position get her to bend her legs slightly so that she forces her butt right out towards your groin. Then slide your cock right in, and grab her tits to play with as you find your rhythm and pound back-and-forth. Again the main negative here is that it can be a bit of a handful to get into, but stick with it and you will progress to ultimate satisfaction.

We rate this one 4/5 for difficulty and 5/5 for enjoyment.

Position 4: The Man Trap

Use the man trap sex position for a good granny rooting sessionThe man trap is another prime position for any senior candidate as it doesn't require your grannie partner to move much. If you've worn her out with something else, like cow girl, or girl-on-top where she has done a lot of the work, treat her with something where she can lay back and just let you pump away.

This is similar to missionary but has a bit more excitement to it by the inclusion of her wrapping her legs over the back of yours. This brings you closer together and will keep a tight vacuum around her red hot pussy as you slowly work your manhood in and out. try and maintain eye contact for that sustained sexual connection. If getting on top is just boring as sin for you, then this probably won't float your boat. Although we do think it's the best alternative to the standard missionary sex position.

We've rated this 1/5 for difficulty and 3/5 for pleasure.

Position 5: Lap Love

Try the Lap Love sex position on your next granny date

sex position is great for mature women as it really works at their G-spot. We would recommend finishing off with something like this, as it's a bit of fun whilst being completely unforgeable for her, and easy for you to navigate into. After you've performed this move she sure won't be forgetting to message you again!

Sit yourself down on the bed, or floor with your legs out in front of you. Now get your granny to sit facing you, on your lap with her legs either side of your torso. Now place yourself inside her slit and start to work both you and her up to a simultaneous orgasm. If you don't consider yourself a very strong guy, this one might cause dead legs quite quickly, but just stay with it, the climax will be well worth the pain.

We have to rate this one 2/5 for difficulty and 5/5 for orgasm potential.

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