Granny Dogging in Melbourne

Dogging has never been a very highly thought of activity in Australia, if anything, it was a frowned upon activity, that is on the cusp of the law. It was always popular with people were open and adventurous with their sexual exploits, and why not? There’s nothing better than rooting a woman outside with people watching and wishing they were able to get involved. Now more than every though the popularity of the activity is increasing, it is no longer necessary to wait for people to tell you about where it’s happening or how to approach these situations, there are sites and plenty of resources on line to guide you through your new sexy fetish.

Granny Dogging MelbourneThere are a couple of things you need to know when it comes to dogging in melbourne and these are clear and easy to remember. WHO and WHERE!

The first thing you need to be thinking of is who? We here at GrannyDogging, believe the best experience you can have with dogging is with grannies. Weird? You might think that, but let’s drill into the specifics here. Older women are great for multiple reasons, firstly they are old and they love getting with younger guys, secondly they know what they want and know how to get it. This is the perfect combination for someone who is fresh on the dogging scene and looking for a seasoned veteran. Grannies will be welcoming of younger guys in the dogging scene. If not for anything other than you can offer something a little different to the hairy old truckers they will be used to.

Now that you know who you can go after, now we need to start looking at where. Unfortunately there isn’t regulated spots for dogging as it is something that the powers that be still deem to be not right, but never fear, there are plenty of websites on line where you can speak to fellow doggers, experienced doggers and new doggers just like you to get an idea as to where you can go to get the proverbial juices flowing.

We thought we’d get you started with a couple of locations that are known to be popular with doggers:

Kalorama Park is popular with doggers in the Melbourne area, Either at the look out in Mount Tourist Road – This is a favourite place for doggers, you can pretty much be guaranteed a bit of action most nights of the week. There is a secondary spot as well which is known to be popular. There is a car park off Barbers Road. This is spot is a bit hit and miss, but if you are lucky enough to get someone here, they are usually pretty intense – approach with caution.

Tullamarine Airport, is a great spot. There are cars here throughout the day and evening watching the planes take off and land, however after about 11 o clock it turns into a full on dogging hotspot. Plenty of couples getting down to some raunchy action most prefer you to just watch but if you strike it lucky you’re bound to find a couple that is happy for you to get involved.

The final location which is known to be good for a bit of dogging is the Hume Highway Stop, just past the Broadford exit. – As usual this is only late at night and due to the location, and alos, be prepared for a little bit of trucker action, if this isn’t your idea of fun, stick to the two locations mentioned above.


Granny Dogging in Melbourne is definitely on the rise, be smart, be safe and enjoy yourself