convincing a wife

Convincing your wife to go swinging for the first time

Swinging is the act of going to a sex party with your wife and both of you have sex with other married couples. The stereotype of a swinging party is for all men to put their watch in a bowl and the women to pick out a watch, the owner of the watch that is picked will be the man that woman will sleep with.

start swingingThis way it is completely random who you end up sleeping with at the end of the night. However, this is actually quite an old fashion way to do it. Most sex parties these days involve many rooms with many beds and most people walk around completely naked into whatever room they feel. The rooms are usually packed with different people having sex and you can simply join in. If there is a hole to fuck it is all yours. If a woman is already having vaginal sex with one man and her gaping ass-hole is available why not slip your dick in and enjoy her ass at the same time.

Convincing your wife to go to a party

Australian Swinging grannyMany men might love the idea of this but what if your wife is happily married and has no interest in having sex with hundreds of other men? Here are a couple of ways to convince your wife

1.Just ask her

If you consider your sex life to be dead, then there is a high chance your wife is thinking the same thing. Why not just say to your wife “look, we haven’t had sex in month, why don’t we go to a swinging party and have sex with other people. I don’t want to cheat on you, I just want to be having more sex and if we don’t want to have sex with each other we might as well be having sex with new people. You never know it might even boost our sex lives?” You might be surprised by what she says.

2.Tell her you don’t want to cheat.

Say to your wife that you are seriously considering having sex with another woman but you don’t want to cheat, say to her that you want it to be mutual and ask her if she has ever considered having sex with another man. She might be honest and say yes. Perhaps you already have a couple of friends. It might be worth approaching them and asking them is they wanted to do a wife swap for the evening.

3.Get in touch with other swingers to ask for advice.

At some point, all swingers have had to have this conversation, why not join our site and speak to a ton of different swingers and ask them to approach the situation. It may be the best advice you have ever had.

4.Find a couple who want to have sex.

Why not join the site and find a couple that want to have sex. Then it is simply a case of taking the image to your wife and say, I have found a couple that want to have sex with us, I will not do it if you don’t want me to but if your are up for it then so am I.

There are many different ways to convince your wife to start swinging, why not join the site today to see if you can find fresh meat to go swinging with!