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Over the years have aimed to make GrannyDating as easy and as safe to use as possible. We have now got a team working around the clock, reading and authenticating every profile. We don't want your experience to be ruined by speaking to someone who isn’t who they say they are. We have also recently paired up with Online Dating protector to make sure your experience on our site is as safe and secure as it possibly could be.

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Never to old to hold somebody- Elton John endorses older heterosexual companionships
One of Elton John’s latest songs entitled ‘Never to old to hold somebody’has proved to strike a chord with the internet daters in the older market. His song can be listened to here:

Elton John says this record was one of the best songs he’s ever written as it can be applied to his life. Raunchy, sexy antics and not just for people in their 20s- far from it, and if anyone is not too scared to scream this fact from the rooftops- its Elton John.

Don’t you know? You are never to old to hold somebody, Don’t you know? Elton John wails. And quite true too, why should companionships and making love be restricted just for the young? The sentiment of this song in particular is that if you feel so lonely, well actually you tough enough to change things around and date an older lady. Older ladies with that certain bit of spice and sauciness are flocking to these dating sites as they know themselv...

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Elton John with older woman

How to Date A Granny
Do you find yourself attracted to older women? Perhaps you would like to have sex with a mature lady or maybe you just want to date a granny? Well allow us to help you.

Your options

I always like to look at this from a bigger scale. These days you can either meet people offline or online. Lets look at these in more detail.
Offline Dating

I like to think there are two ways to get sexual with a lady. You may already know someone as a friend or from work, in which case you can date them, or you have to meet someone from scratch.

If you already know them and you have romantic feelings for them and they feel the same back, things usually have a way of falling into place. However things don’t always go as smoothly. The problem is, if something hasn’t happened already you might be past the point of taking things to a sexual/ romantic level. You see, I have always believed that women and men can never really be friends. You...

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Granny looking for date

Would you rather fuck Joan Sutherland when she was Young or Old?
Older or younger?

Joan Sutherland was one of Australia’s most famous Opera singers. She has sung with singers such as Pavarotti and even performed to the Russian Tsar and the King of Switzerland. However, here at, we mainly saw her as a sex icon. The question is did you find her more fuckable when she was younger or when she got slightly older?

Need a little bit of time to jog your memory, check out these two videos of Joan

Click here to see her when she was younger

Click here to see her when she was a sexy cougar

We have asked a cross section of our database which one they would prefer. If you are not a member and would like to get involved, contact us through our twitter or facebook account. We might very well publish your thoughts on our blog. If we do we will also give you a years free membership to our erotic mature dating site.

With a lot of men, they would of found Joa...

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Older or younger?

What to wear when Mature dating
Ready for a mature date

So you’ve struck gold and found yourself a smooth date, your next challenge is what to wear…

As we grow older we become more confident in the skin we are in, however when it comes to clothing inspiration for dates the options just don’t tend to fill us with excitement. Shops on the high-street seem cater to the young teens; no one past the age of 30 can pull off a crop top, let alone us 50somethings.

So we’ve strung some ideas together to help you find that perfect outfit in your wardrobe by simply jazzing it up with a few accessories.

*Always chose something you are comfortable in, no one wants to feel uncomfortable during a date and if you are worried how you look it will show.

*Depending on your date, heels should be worn even if a low heel. It will help your posture as well as add a little extra height. However if there is to be a lot of walking during your date, opt for a sma...

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woman going Mature dating

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